Kinesio Taping

Kinesio Taping has been around for 25 years, but this unique therapeutic taping technique really made its debut in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Kerri Walsh won there Gold Medal in Beach Volleyball with her right shoulder covered in the stuff. This elastic tape (called Tex Tape) comes in 4 colors (blue, pink/red, black, and beige). While your injury or underlying problem may need further evaluation and treatment by a Chiropractor or another Healthcare professional, Kinesio Tape may be just what you need to speed up healing or to allow you to compete in a critical sporting event. Although this tape is not intended for long term use (it acts as a temporary support system for an underlying problem), it can be worn for up to 3 days after its application - even in and out of the shower. Kinesio Tape has 3 main purposes:

1. Providing stability to joints.

2. Supporting the function of muscles.

3. Encouraging the flow of fluids under the skin.

  • When applied across joints, Kinesio Tape helps to stabilize the area by holding adjacent bones together at a joint with its elastic strength. This helps joints to act and feel more stable, which is especially helpful when ligaments have been torn or sprained.
  • When applied over a muscle, it acts to support the function of that muscle. This function is especially helpful to support weak muscles, such as postural muscles of the back or the plantar fascia of the foot, until they can be strengthened through specific exercises or weight training. 
  • The other function of Kinesio Tape is to help the flow of blood or KT_bruise.jpglymphatic fluid under the skin. The tape helps to lift the skin slightly, allowing the blood vessels and lymphatic vessels to expand and flow freely. This function of the tape is remarkable in draining swollen limbs or significantly bruised areas. Many cancer survivers, especially breast cancer survivors, love the effects of the tape to help drain areas formerly serviced by lymph nodes, which have been removed during surgery.       

If you have more questions about this technique or how it could help your particular situation, check out or schedule an appointment with Dr. Abby Heppner at Heppner Chiropractic, who has been trained and certified in this therapeutic taping technique.

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