Chiropractic For Kids

Chiropractic care is helpful to people of all ages - even kids !

We offer FREE ASSESSMENT for kids 0-12 years old because we know there is nothing more important than for your kids to grow up healthy, and we want to help them in any way we can. First treatment for kids is billable to insurance and eligible for our cash discount programs. 

Certainly it is important to have your child evaluated by a Doctor of Chiropractic if they fall, play contact sports, or are involved in a car accident, but it is also a good idea to have your whole family checked regularly as a way of staying well and preventing future complications from old injuries.

At Heppner Chiropractic we evaluate kids and infants daily - even babies as young as a few hours old! A long strenuous labor can be just as rough on the delicate neck of an infant as it is on the mother, so why not make sure both Mom and Baby are healing well with a visit to the Chiropractor? Our treatments are always tailored to the size of the patient, so these adjustments are very gentle and comfortable. If you have any concerns about your kids health, schedule an appointment today!

By getting adjusted regularly it helps the person's body to work at its optimal level. For some they may run faster, sit taller, or have more focus in school.

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